Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Report from Nacogdoches

Progress is slow.  We arrived here Wednesday morning, but had to get in line for service.  On Thursday they took off the old mirrors, but rain and the threat of continued rain kept Xtreme Paint and Graphics from putting on the new mirrors. No big deal.  We aren't going  anywhere.

Friday they drove Moose into the shop and got some work done on the side, but didn't put the mirrors back on becauce they thought they had lost the screws that hold the mirrors in place.  They didn't lose the screws, the office secretary gave them to me when I took the old mirrors out of thier way. But no one asked me for them until late Friday.

I decided to call the company making our new seats to see if they are still on target to ship on June 14.  Bad news.  They are still waiting for the seat belts.  They hope to ship on June 21.  We will probably go camp some where in Texas and then come back after the seats are delivered.  Note: on older coaches like ours the shoulder and lap belts are integrated in the seat design and manufacture.  New models have belts tethered to the side frame and/or floors.  With our seats,  the belts are not attached anywhere else, just to the seats.

This morning we decided to update our 10-year-old white kitchen faucet.   There is a big Lowe's about five minutes from here.  I know that any (make that ALL) projects require more than one trip to the hardware or big box store, so I thought we'll never be closer -- so let's do it now.

Five hours later then new faucet is in place. Gone is the white Delta faucet that leaked around the base and was past its prime. It was a real bear to take out the old and install the new. I ended up using my Dremel to cut some parts off. I chose not to dismantle the shelf  under the sink or even undo the drain pipe. Neither of those extra steps were worth the work. I am very fortunate to have a wife who is willing to get her hands dirty, and the fact that she is ambidextrous helps a great deal. She worked as hard as I did.

The factory made a funky under-the-sink bracket to hold the faucet in place, and for a while I thought we were going to try to have someone make something similar, but then we found a way to install the Moen using the bracket they supplied.

Moose is on the right

We are parked next to a 1997 Foretravel with similar colors of paint.  When our coach was painted in 2007, the owners upgraded to European style headlights.  We like that look.  The folks in this coach are now staying in the apartment on the grounds.  Their work should be done Monday or Tuesday and then we will move into the apartment  for two or three days.  Once our coach goes into the paint booth we can't stay inside.  

I hope to have more progress to report next week.  Stay tuned.

Stay tuned

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  1. Progress is progress!!! It is so nice they have an apartment you can stay in while paint/work is being done. Your coach is beautiful...what are you having painted??? Good luck with getting all things completed on your list.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)