Monday, June 7, 2010

New Faucet -- Part 2

After we got the new faucet in we were unhappy with it. Not enough clearance to rinse dishes and not easy to fill pots. So Sunday we went back to Lowe's and selected a new one. We had to open the boxes until we found one we knew we could install. Foretravel glued a support block of Corian under the sink that interfered with the proper seating of the first faucet. We had to compromise on the installation of the first faucet and while we could have lived with a slight tilt, the low clearance was a deal breaker.

So we went back to Lowes and  found one that looked like it would be easier to install and was a high-rise model.  It only took us 30 minutes to install. It is perfectly seated.  And it was a close-out model so we got it for half price.

Once again, Sandy was a really big help on this project. She is good at thinking through problems. Lucky me.

Progress was made on the repair of our slide out room.
R ance (too shy to let me take his picture) used a high speed small rotary saw to make three shallow cuts in the exterior of the slide.  The edge closest to the coach was not cut.  The loose piece  -- sort of like a flap -- was then "peeled back" to expose the aluminum framing members and the styrofoam insulation.  The white horizontal lines are glue.  No other glue is visible because it chemically interacted with the styrofoam and disolved into the blue insulation, and in the process lost its holding power.  Rance spread Gorilla Glue (yes, the same product you can buy at Home Depot) all over the exposed insulation and framing members.

Then he rigged a huge clamp to keep pressure on the "flap" while the glue set up.  In this heat and humidity it cured in about five hours. Gorilla Glue actually needs a small amount of moisture to help it cure -- so the high humidity was actually beneficial.

Here is Rance's hi-tech clamping system.  But it worked.  The other end of the slide out room was not as badly delaminated so Rance was able to use a different glue and process.

And we did get one mirror installed, but Ramco Mirrors in Elkhart, IN got the order wrong -- but shipped the correct mounting block today.  We will have it by Thursday; Friday at latest.  

So we are seeing some progress.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Once again, great job on the faucet! I actually like the new one better and half price...good deal. :)
    Looks like progress is being made on all levels.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)