Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Friends and New Shades

We slept in this morning.  It was the first day in the past couple of weeks that we didn't have to get up early to be somewhere or be ready for service technicians.

Friday were able to get into Motorhomes of Texas a couple of days early.  We had a lot of service items taken care of.  One of the things we wanted to have checked were the brake pads.  We have 105,000 miles on the odometer.  It turns out that the rear brakes are barely used and the front brakes are not quite half way through their anticipated life.  Amazing.  We chalk that up to having the transmission retarder which reduces substantially the need to use the service brakes.

Monday we will have our other new mirror installed and then we head to an Army Corp of Engineers park about 50 miles away.  We plan to come back to Nac on June 21 for installation of our new chairs.  Then we head to Hays, KS for the 4th of July and then northwest to the beautiful state of Montana to visit cousins Theresa and Larry O'Neil and Diane and Jerry McDonald.  We will be seeing Big Sky Country for the first time, picking wild huckelberries, playing games, and having a good time.

Today we met a couple who just bought their first Foretravel and are parked at the Foretravel factory having a few service items taken care of.   Jim and Virginia Cunningham scored a beautifully maintained 1999 U320.  Sandy loved the separate refrigerator/freezer they have in one of the storage bays.  We were able to provide Jim and Virginia with a few suggestions about various features of the motorhomes that we learned in the past nine months of living on the road.  

Whenever Foretravel owners get together they talk about what they like and don't like about their motorhomes.  We have never liked the wall sconces -- so when Virginaia told us that Lowes has a nice selection of replacement shades we headed there after our visit.

Old shade

New shade

At $9.99 we found great looking shades that just might be the lowest priced anything ever to go into a Foretravel and they look terrific.

Note to Judy & Emma:  I can't find where I can leave comments on your blog.  I kind of remember meeting your relative at Camping World.  I was there browsing the store and looking at RVs.  And, funny thing, I was going to compliment you on your great photos and then I learned you camera quit working. That is a real bummer.

Stay tuned.

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    I'm driving 100 miles to Idaho Falls this morning to get a new camera. I'm lost without one. :)