Monday, June 14, 2010

Computer Woes, New Mirrors and New Places

When I wake up in the morning I like to flop into my chair and check e-mail  and read favorite blogs.  This morning with bleary eyes I clicked on a bogus window that mimicked an information box that always alerts me to the fact that a piece of software for an old camera was not available.  Previously, I would click on it and make it go away.

But since I was not quite awake, this nasty bug said "Gotcha" and shut me down.   My Lenovo screen said I only had one option for booting up and it wiped out my D drive (software), all of my bookmarks,  and some critical files on the desk top that had not been backed up in several months (shame on me) and a custom screen to display those elements of the transmission and engine we wanted to keep an eye on while driving.  Shortly thereafter I downloaded a malware program for protection.   But wait, there is more.  All of my documents were composed in Microsoft Word  and I used up my last of three installls of this software about six months ago when my computer was repaired by Lenovo.  My choice was to buy new MSW software. 

I remembered reading about a free software and did some research.  A Foretravel friend told me about Open Office from Oracle.  It is free and will allow me to access all of my old Word docs.

But we had business to take care of, so we went back at Xtreme Graphics early this morning to have them put on our new left side mirror.  While the old mirrors were beginning to shed  chrome like a snake shedding its skin, the best reason for replacing mirrorr is greatly increased visibility over a wider area. The top section of glass provide a panorama and gives us more information about what is going on to the sides and rear of the coach.

It is nice to look at something other than dealer/repair shop driveways

Then we drove south and a bit east to Jasper, TX to stay in the Twin Dikes Army Corp of Engineers camp on Sam Rayburn Reservoir.  It is a small wooded and beautiful location in the East Texas Piney Woods.  We will be here until Sunday at which time we return once more to Nac to have our new seats installed.

Tonight I walked a couple of hundred feet to
the lake for some sunset photos.

A happy little Northern Mockingbird let me get close enough to take his photo. (Originally, when I posted this blog, I did not know what kind of bird, but two readers have properly identified this little songbird.)  I'd take a picture and then take another step closer until I was within six feet of this little song machine.
Stay tuned


  1. looks like a mockingbird.
    They are quite the singer.
    And very bold as well.

  2. The new mirrors are very nice!! Something for us to keep in mind for a down the road upgrade.
    Gorgeous sunset!! COE parks are always just beautiful. Take care and enjoy your time away from a repair shop!

    Have fun!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. I agree with Fishshe, definitely a Northern mockingbird. They are even known to sing during the night. :)