Thursday, March 4, 2010

Maintenance Issues and Happy News

For some weeks now we have been dealing with a limited amount of hot water.  Our coach heats water via a device called an Aqua-Hot.  This system is unique in that it provides not only hot water for dishes and showers, but it also provides heat for the coach.  And, with the flip of a switch it routes heated coolant through the engine block and will heat the engine to 60 degrees in about an hour.  This is great for starting the engine on chilly mornings.

Recently our paths crossed with Roger Berke, a seasoned and certified Aqua-Hot technician.  Roger travels in a 40 foot Foretravel and has restored countless Aqua-Hot units to factory specs.  Last month when I learned that Roger would be in Tucson, we quickly booked him for his first appointment on Monday.  Unfortunately,  a lot of rain got in the way and Roger could not get into the park.

The main road leading to the RV sites 
So we re-scheduled for this morning.  Roger found and corrected several problems, including a dying main control module that needed to be replaced for $700, plus labor.  While this was an unexpected expense, I was pleased to see that the control module is made in West Germany and not in China.

We also got some other unexpected news recently when my youngest son, Jamison, gave us the happy word that he and Jane will have their first baby in September.  In addition to being an old geezer, I can add grandfather to my many names.   

Stay tuned.    

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  1. whoo hoo... grandpa! congrats!
    A new beginning. Very excitng when you think of all the possibilities.