Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Loose Ends

I have always liked an Egg McMuffin, but years ago I stopped eating them because of all the fat and sodium. But recently I had a craving for one so I decided to make my own. I asked Sandy to keep her eyes open for the little stainless steel rings that can be used to fry and egg and keep it confined to the size of an English muffin. Sandy found the rings at a Bed, Bath & Beyond in Las Cruces, NM and I proceeded to make my own Stoltz McMuffin. They turned out quite well. Since I did not use any salt, I am assuming they are wholesome.

When we were at the Cocopah RV Resort in Yuma we spotted a bird we had not seen before. As best I can tell from looking in our National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America it is a Long-billed Curlew. Its bill is about 8 inches long and is used to forage for small bugs in the soil.

 Yesterday we drove 202 miles from Yuma to Phoenix, AZ on another beautiful travel day. Driving certainly is different on an Interstate Highway close to a major metropolitan area. We were impressed at just how clean the highways are here in Arizona there is hardly any trash and the roadside landscaping is nicely done with colored crush rocks and native plantings. Our home for at least the next week is Desert’s Edge RV Village, a charming RV park on the edge of Phoenix.

When I hooked up our waste disposal hose, I got to use another new gadget. This easy-to-use container holds about 1.5 gallons of water which puts about 8 pounds of weight on the sewer hose to help avoid an unpleasant experience. Prior to getting this little item I was alwyas looking for a loose rock or log to use.   For you non-RV readers, an unsecured sewer hose can spew nasty stuff everywhere it if comes loose from the sewer pipe opening.

Today we drove to nearby Avondale, AZ to get our PowerTank refilled. The PowerTank lets me fill our tires with a minimum of fuss. It will completely fill one of our truck tires in a few minutes. Not that has ever been necessary, but when it comes to filling a low tire it only takes seconds in the convenience of our own campground vs. in a dirty, busy filling station.

This morning while reading gthe Yahoo Foretravel Forum, I learned about how to check the air pressure in the tank that holds a reserve supply of water for the coach.  It was one of the easier tasks I had done and I was pleased to learn that our tank does not leak.  But I did discover the reason our water pump ran everytime we opened a faucet was because the air tank had lost its pressure.  I keep learning new stuff.

After getting that chore out of the way we took a drive over to the Mayo Clinic so that we know how to get there tomorrow when I meet with an orthopedic surgeon who will determine if I need hip(s) replacement surgery. We’ve heard nothing but good things about the Mayo Clinic which gives me a great deal of confidence.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Hi George and Sandy!

    I'm down in Mesa for the winter. Would love to catch up with you guys and see how you are liking the full time lifestyle. Jay is back in Antioch, but will be back at the end of the month. Email us if you want to catch up.