Thursday, October 14, 2010

When is a mystery really a money making enterprise?

It was suggested to us that we visit the “mysterious staircase” in the  Loretto Chapel in Sante Fe.  Like good and gullible tourists we went to take a look.  The staircase is beautiful and  really is a masterpiece of woodworking.  But is it a miracle or just a legend?  We’ll let you decide. But it is a charming story.
The museum gets about 250,000 visitors per year who each plunk down $3.  Nice little business.
I took a few photos.  No mystery in that.
After doing our part to help the local legend we walked around the old part of Santa Fe.  It is a charming area of shops and restaurants.
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  1. This is so strange - I just read Paul and Marsha's blog and it was also about this staircase. You guys must have been there at almost the same time. And this is something I really do want to see - mystery or not. Beautiful pictures.