Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some wisdom, some good mpg and a significant repair for only $1.98

We only had to drive 246 miles today and it took us 4.75 hours.  The temptation was to sleep in and leave late, but from experience we have learned to leave a cushion in case something unexpected happens.  And as we know, the unexpected often happens.

We arrived at a Super WalMart in Oklahoma City, OK just off of I-I40 around 12:30 noon.  First thing I did was take Trixie for a comfort walk.  As I was returning to the coach I thought that the "stone guard" or whatever it is called than hangs underneath the back of the coach looked unusual.  I had never seen it leaning like that and as I got closer I could see that it became detached on one edge. Oh crap, I thought now what?

Apparently, it had been loose for quite a few miles today as the left edge had an area worn away of about 1.5  x 8 inches.

Long story short.  $1.98 worth of parts from a nearby Home Depot (in same mall) and it was back in working order.    So that is probably going to the the only significant repair I will ever do to the coach for under $2.00.

Today's trip was on mostly flat terrain and at times we were getting up to 9.4 mpg, but finished with 9 mpg.  Not bad for a 450 HP Cummins engine.

Last item.  About two weeks ago the rear AC unit stopped working.  Magically it is now providing cool air.

Tomorrow we will stop at MCD RV Innovations in McKinney, TX to have two of our new shades repaired as they do not roll up the same way as when they were installed 11 months ago.   As my good friend, George Hatfield says:  “it is always something.”

Stay tuned.

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  1. A repair for under $2.00 is unheard of!! Great job. Stay safe.