Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to save $295.00

The companies that make component parts and appliances that go into making an RV are notorious for over pricing replacement parts.
Here is a perfect example:
Recently the gasket on the refrigerator door came loose at the bottom of the door. I did a thorough search on line, and for our model of refrigerator/freezer the cost of a replacement gasket is $299.00 plus tax and shipping. Yes I did say two hundred and ninety-nine dollars. Outrageous! Especially so since it probably cost less than $15.00 to manufacture the gasket.
This was my solution:
I found a white vinyl weather stripping at Walmat for $5.00. Think of two thick-walled soda straws side by side. That's what I got.
I cut out the “bad” section, cleaned the area under the old gasket with alcohol, then I warmed up the vinyl door with a hair dryer and peeled the adhesive protective strip and pressed into place.  Less than 10 minutes to do the job.
The $295.00 saved sure looks better in my pocket.

Stay tuned


  1. Did you say your name was George MacGyver....I think so. Welcome to RVing 101. Gummy

  2. I know this "older gentleman" from West Virginia and he is kind of my idol. I figure if the Gumpster can do it, the least I can do is try.

  3. Older!....I resemble that remark. just goes to show you George, Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained. Gummy

  4. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Not only are you handsome,but you are handy!!!!
    Love Janie

  6. Great job. We may have to call on you from time to time for other money saving ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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