Friday, July 2, 2010

The Wild West Festival from Hays (America), Kansas

Mix these ingredients:

Good entertainment, a huge carnival with all your favorite rides, a $20,000 fireworks display, a clean grass-covered city park, lots of friendly people, families being together, kids having fun, teenagers on first dates and new parents taking babies to a big outdoor event.

If you are in Hays, Kansas you get the WILD WEST FESTIVAL

Wild West Festival is in its 15th year and it brings 25,000 to 30,000 people together for 4 days of fun.

We are camping in Ellis, KS at their Lakeside Park. Yesterday we caught up with Gary Omel at the Wild West Festival grounds in nearby Hays, got our VIP passes for the 4-day event and took a tour of the grounds.

Entertainment on the big outdoor stage began at 6:30 with Trey Michael Warren, up next was the Jared Daniels Band, followed by headliner – John Michael Montgomery, who kicked off at 9:30. Unfortunately , we, two old seniors were too worn out to hang around. Ordinarily I am not a Country and Western fan, but this entertainment was top notch.

Food at the VIP tent was outstanding and was catered by Carlos O'Kelly's one of three different catering companies that will bring the best of their menu items to the Festival. Sandy reported that the margarita was excellent.

As the day blended into night and I observed so many happy faces, I could not help but think that Hays, Kansas and the Wild West Festival blends the best of middle American into a wonderful family activity.

Below is yours truly with Gary and Sandy

Stay tuned for more from Hays, Kansas


  1. Ooops, at the end of the buffet line they had these glasses lined up with what I thought was lemonade, so I took one. Only to find out after drinking half of it (thinking, yum this is good lemonade) that it was a margarita!! Ole!!

    Love our campground in Ellis, it has a view of the lake from 3 sides of the coach.

  2. Looks like a fun time. Did I miss something? Who is Gary Omel, and how did you get VIP passes? :) Enjoy your lemonade, Sandy!

    How about some pics of the campsite.

  3. You're staying in one of our favorite parks! Enjoy your time in HaysAmerica and our native state.

  4. what a great place to be for such a special event. we too are enjoying "4th" festivities while in Cody /Powell WY. Great patriotism all around. Safe travels. Sandy....I want one of 'those' drinks:) carol/harold