Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We are in the Treasure State

 Flat Head Lake looking toward the Mission Mountains

It's been a week since my last blog entry so I thought I'd better let you know what we are doing.

But first an explanation of today's headline.  Some Montana license plates carry three words at the top:  The Treasure State.  It is that and more.
 Taken in the Lolo National Forest looking toward Idaho.
 We picked huckleberries in this area.

We remain at the McDonald/O'Neil family compound here in northwest Thompson Falls, MT.  Mornings and evenings are cool and days are hot.  But when you know it will cool off and get chilly at night, hot is not so bad.   Neither of the homes here have air conditioning.  We run ours in the motorhome because we are parked in the sun looking at a meadow, and Trixie prefers to be cool.

So far, we have gone huckleberry picking twice,  been on two long boat rides, played cards in the evening, enjoyed many family meals and, in general, had an all around great time. We are pretending that we won't have to leave.

Sandy is spoiling our hosts with homemade huckleberry scones, lemon ice cream pie, and tonight we are being treated to  the original recipe of Augusta Kohrs of the Grant-Kohrs National Historic Site.  Her recipe dates from the mid-1800s.
 One of many flowering bushes in the mountains

My cousin, Diane, came back from town yesterday and told us that she had seen a young bear about a half mile from their driveway.  After talking with some wildlife experts she was able to identify it as a black bear.  Way cool.
  Another view of Flat Head Lake

 I am easily mesmerized when watching the boat's wake

Yesterday, Sandy and I gave Moose a good bath.  It has been at least a month and the coach was really dirty and dusty.  Now I don't  have to wash my hands each time I close on of the bay doors.
Here is where we are hanging out

Stay tuned


  1. What a beautiful place to "hang out." The views are beautiful. Love your pictures today!! :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. You've certainly found a "treasure" there! :)