Friday, May 14, 2010

Loose Ends


A few things that are left over from other blogs.

Mountain Misery Plant got its name from the California gold miners and lumbermen who found this plant everywhere.  It exudes a sticky stubstance that is difficult to remove from hands and clothing -- hence the name.  It actually is of vital importantce in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. For more info...
Everywhere we look we see the California Poppy.

We are located in the heart of gold mining territory and some of the nearby towns have a colorful history.  Shown above is picturesque Mariposa -- one of the more interesting places to visit.  They have a museum that is  a treasure trove of really neat stuff.  Sandy and I enjoyed reading pages from a gold miner's diary that were scattered throughout the museum.   It was a tough life back then. Unfortunately, they do not permit photos to be taken inside of the museum.  There are also several excellent restaurants in town.  We had lunch at The Butterfly Cafe and plan to go back.  Everything was fresh and delicious.  The chocolate brownie cake was spectacular.
On the subject of food, we found a bakery that specializes in pies, breads and cinammon raisin muffins that are almost as good as those made by Sandy.  We bought a Dutch Apple pie that was, without a doubt, the best pie either of us has even eaten from a commercial establishment.  I guess if we have to go back to The Butterfly Cafe, we'll  just have to go back to Jantz Bakery.

Thursday night we went to dinner with neighbors Barb and John Schrand who have spent the the greater part of the last 7 of the years in their beautiful Alfa along with Toby, their Shiba Inu.  We had a good time learning about how each other came to the decision to live in an RV.  John and Barb used to live in Sugar Grove, IL.  They are here throughout the weekend. 

Tonight was cocktail hour at the clubhouse.  Sandy made two plates of snacks and we took along our drink of choice: a margaritta for me and a Pina Colada for Sandy.  Mmmm, mmmm GOOD.

Barb and John Schrand and George and Sandy

You can tell from the above photo what a miserable time we were having.

Stay tuned.

The members we have met are very warm and welcoming and we enjoyed ourselves while at the clubhouse.

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