Thursday, May 20, 2010


Some of our RV friends who like dogs, but don't have one, will often write about how they get their "doggie fix" by spending time with someone else's pooch.

Cosmo in my chair

Yesterday we had a house guest named Cosmo.  Cosmo's "parents" George & Pat Hatfield were in Yosemite with family and we jumped at the chance to  have a playmate for Trixie.  She didn't do much playing, but we had a ball with Cosmo.  He is playful and very affectionate.  His choice on spots for a nap is alongside of someone or on their lap.  You might say: we lapped it up.

We invited him back today and he is presently snuggling up to Sandy's pillow.  My lap was occupied by my laptop.

Stay tuned


  1. He's adorable!! We are definitely dog folks.
    We have two Shih Tzus (you might remember we had one that was a few months shy of 18 years and had to put her down in August) and a Golden. They are so much fun and bring so much into our lives.

    Thanks for the sweet pics.

    Mike & Gerri

  2. Mike & Gerri,

    It is hard to lose a family member after 18 years. We, too, had to say goodbye to a pet last autumn. Very difficult.