Saturday, April 17, 2010

London Bridge is not falling down

 Friday we went into Lake Havasu to see London Bridge.  In the early 1960s an innovative real estate developer named Robert P. McCulloch bought the exterior granite and masonry portions of London Bridge from (where else?) the City of London.  He had all the pieces numbered for accurate re-assembly here in Arizona.  The actual bridge deck is new, and the entire structure was completed in 1971.

Who knows, perhaps "Jack the Ripper"
stood beneath this very lantern to contemplate
his new relationship with Scotland Yard.

This canal runs under London Bridge and into Lake Havasu

In the evening we went to a local restaurant for the Friday Night Fish Fry and were joined by neighbors Carol and Harold Thornberry, who live near Portland OR and spend winters in Arizona

Today Sandy is planning our travel from here into California and then up the coast of Oregon and over into Montana.  I kind of puttered around the coach: organized some tools and did a few miscellaneous items not worth mentioning. But I did capture this idylic scene along the banks of the Colorado River.

We have not had any good sunsets for the past few weeks so I will end with this floral photo

Stay tuned


  1. I just saw a PBS piece on the London Bridge. Incredible!

  2. Amazing that it also showed up on CBS's Sunday Morning the day after you visited.

  3. Hi, not sure you can view this where you are but well worth a watch if you would like to know more about London Bridge.

    Nice blog

    All the best