Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In the Central California High Sierras

We pulled out of the Orange Grove this morning at 8:30 and headed north and west into the California Sierras. We arrived at our destination about 12:30. About 20 miles from the park, I pulled into a gas station and took on 125 gallons of diesel fuel. It took forever since we were not at a truck stop where the hoses force diesel fuel into a tank at an alarming velocity. It took at least 15 minutes, partly because the idiot behind the counter did not set the pump to NOT shut off at the $75 mark. Once we got her to understand that we needed a LOT of fuel she set the pump to run until our tank was full. By the way, we paid $3.39 per gallon.

As we drove here, the landscape was abundant with luscious farms. We passed miles and miles of bright green vineyards, peach orchards and other fruit trees we could not readily identify.

We are in the Central California High Sierra Mountains about 40 miles north of Fresno, CA. It is a beautiful location. We will be here at Park of the Sierras SKP Resort for the month of May. The park is an RV membership co-op campground for Escapees RV club members. Because we are members of the Escapees organization we are able to stay her for a nominal cost of $10/night, plus electricity.  For our non-RV readers, SKP is a phonetic abbreviation of Escapee.

The Escapees organization also hosts one of the better RV on-line forums and was a major source of information as we researched this lifestyle.

When we arrived Sandy went into the park office which is connected to the huge activity center. One of the park residents, John, led us to our spot. He instructed me to follow his pickup. When we turned off the main park road I thought he was taking a short cut as he drove over an area that was no longer paved. Where he wanted me looked so un-level that I didn’t think the site would work for us.

I hesitated – after all we weigh 17 tons and I didn’t want to get stuck. John hopped out of his truck and waived and guided me into this spot. The coach self leveled without any problems. Whew!

Fortunately, we have great internet phone service but marginal cell phone signal strength. But, we are able to make outgoing phone calls on Skype.  So if you try to call us you will probably only reach voice mail.

We are again in a rural/natural setting. This time I am being pro-active in rodent deterrent. I have a work light in the motorhome engine compartment, and Sandy and I put down a square of rope lights underneath the engine compartment and we have propped open the hood of the Honda to discourage squirrels and chipmunks from making nests.

Later in the afternoon we drove around the park. We were cautioned NOT to go without their map as there are five miles of park road and not one of them is in a straight line. I took a few scenic shots and some flower photos to give you an idea of what it looks like around here.

I took this last photo at dusk as storm clouds moved away from the park.

Stay tuned.

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