Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Good Day in Arizona

It is not summer in Arizona, but by Illinois standards 88 degrees sure feels like it.

This morning we spent some time next door talking with Carol and Harold Thornberry.

We asked them about their wood carving and coaxed them into showing us some of their handiwork. They have created some very impressive pieces of art and have a lot of fun in the process.

These long and narrow whimsical wood carvings are called Hobbit Houses. They are carved from the bark of  Cottonwood trees 

I made a small but important upgrade to the motorhome today. Whenever we are parked for as long as two weeks we have gotten into the habit of starting the coach's diesel engine and letting it run for about 30 minutes solely for the purpose of re-charging the engine batteries.

By installing a device called Trik-L-Start we no longer have to do this. Whenever we are connected to shore power, Trik-L-Start borrows a very small amount of power from the coach batteries to keep the engine batteries fully charged. For me, one of the best aspects of this improvement is that I installed it myself in less than 10 minutes.

Around four o’clock we walked over to the campground marina where they have a small restaurant. We had an excellent cheese pizza and some pretty decent margaritas. We were pleasantly surprised when Carol and Harold showed up and joined us. These kinds of impromptu friendships and get-togethers help enrich our life on the road.

Before sunset Sandy went outside to roll up our awnings.  Carol came over and gifted Sandy with a round rock she had painted to look like a turtle.  It makes a perfect stepping stone for the birds to get into a dish full of water.  Carol is also an accomplished painter as you can see from the turtle. We will miss our new friends but hope to meet up with them down the road.

Stay tuned


  1. love the rock! perfect perch for the bird bath. But the wood carvings are my kind of art. I am intrigued by all the detail. And the texture just calls out to be touched. How fun it must be ~ each day is really a new adventure for you.

  2. didn't know we would be 'front-center':):) enjoyed catching up with your travels through your blog - some mighty nice pics! Enjoyed our time together. Thanks Sandy for the fresh choc chip cookies and scones - yum. We're sitting amongst the red rocks of Zion - ahhhhhh! hope our paths will cross again

  3. Rocky the turtle looks content in his new surroundings. Hope he doesn't scare away the birds. Harold would have enjoyed hovering as you installed the Trik-L-start - we hope to add one ourselves.