Thursday, January 20, 2011

Laid back in Florida

We are really into the laid back lifestyle of Florida.  We get to sleep in, we get to take nice long walks and we have met some new and some old friends.
We even had an unwelcome guest.
camp pix 003_thumb
This little lizard was sitting on a bathroom towel bar so I quickly escorted him outside.  He probably liked the idea of living in a unique-to-him motorhome, but I carried him outside before he tried to sell me an insurance policy. 
Speaking of unique, this unusual home-made RV is located in our campground.   The owner did a nice job on the outside.
FL photos 005_thumb
We had a first-time event in that we met one of my blog followers John and Ellie from New York.  John does a fine job on his blog
We really wanted to spend some time with John and Ellie, but their short time in the camp overlapped with a visit from former Illinois neighbors.  We hope our paths crossed again soon so that we can do more than have a couple of brief conversations in front of our motorhome.  Safe travels on your trip home to see your daughter, Kelly,  sworn into the the U.S. Navy, following in her father's footsteps.
Yesterday we drove into Ocala to meet Dale and Deb Wiegand, dear friends and former neighbors from the Shady Hill subdivision in Barrington, IL.  We caught up with them at the Hampton Inn.  After lunch, we spent the afternoon playing Michigan Rummy and Mexican Train and laughing a lot about old times in Illinois.  For dinner we found a unique restaurant with excellent food and wine and a quirky waiter and an interesting owner/chef. 
Dale and Debbie, spent the day with us in St. Augustine and then we had dinner at a little local restaurant near the Corp campground that was excellent.
My next blog will be about our visit to the oldest city in the United States: nearby St. Augustine.
Stay tuned.


  1. It really is fun to meet some blogger friends in person. We have met a few and it is always a treat.

  2. Glad you are enjoying your stay in Florida. Yesterday's weather of 78 degrees was wonderful here in Central Florida. I had to laugh when you said you were afraid your Gecko wads going to try and sell you insurane! Funny! Those little buggers are everywhere - but so fast they are gone in seconds.

  3. I'm glad you're enjoying Florida. We are too. We lived here for many years and moved away 4 years ago...but found we really missed it, so we're back! I didn't miss the lizard, toads and frogs though!

  4. Ha! Another Shady Hill ex-resident. Small world once again. :)

  5. It seems that Florida is the place to be right now. Enjoy!

  6. I loved the picture of the home made trailer. Great back porch for sure.

    Congrats on being faster than the usually speeding lizard. I'm impressed!!

    Hope to be in Florida next winter and I'd like to be camped right next to you so you can take care of any lizards trying to get too friendly with Winnona. Wonder if there is a small business hidden in this skill???