Saturday, January 1, 2011

Back to life in the motorhome

From the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers campground at Salt Springs Recreation Area in the heart of the Ocala National Forest, Florida

Sandy and I are glad to be back in our motorhome and back on the road. 

As some of you know, Sandy is also known as Cookie Queen.  When we stayed with family in Illinois, she made close to 600 cookies.  Here is a photo of my favorite cookie, called Chocolate Crowns.  On top of the chocolate cookie she places a large dab of cherry fruit filling, puts a marshmallow on that, pops the cookie back into the oven to soften the marshmallow and then covers most of the cookie with her own custom-blend semi-sweet chocolate coating.  They are to die for.

Chocolate Crowns 002

While we were in Illinois we got to see our new grandson: Oscar William Levenson-Stoltz.  At this point in time he has no idea what wonderful baked goodies are in store for him from his Grandma Sandy.

Christmas Eve, 2010 005

We arrived here just after lunch on New year’s Eve. We have a campsite that is somewhat difficult to back into, and a number of campers stopped what they were doing to watch us squeeze our 40 foot beast into the diagonal site.  But we did so with aplomb.

This Corp campground is quite different from any other we have been in in that it has quite a variety of activities. Last night we attended a New Year’s Eve party that included


some really great music from a small band that is in between cruise ship bookings.  We didn’t stay long, but it was a pleasant start to our 3-month stay here.

The park is managed by a private contractor, and we have been very impressed by the pleasant/helpful attitude of all the camp hosts we have met so far.  Today, New Year’s Day, I walked up to the office to report that we were having a problem with the power pedestal.  It is about a 7-minute walk back from the office and when I returned to the motorhome the electrician had already started on the repair. That’s pretty incredible service anywhere.  I’ll tell you more about the campground in the weeks to come.

Stay tuned.


  1. Salt Springs is a great campground and the staff is very friendly. We just stayed there recently and have a reservation again in a couple of weeks. Wondering how full is the campground now? Enjoy your time there.


  2. Welcome back to the RV world. We missed you.

  3. Did you bring plenty of cookies with you? :)

  4. That is going to be one lucky grandchild. Happy New Year!