Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A fork in the road

It was a great summer up in Maine.  The work was a bit more strenuous than I had anticipated, but it helped me to lose 13 pounds -- not too shabby.  Or should I say, not to flabby.  

Anyway we are spending the next six months in Inverness, FL without our motorhome, having sold it today to a great couple from Jacksonville, FL.  The amazing part of this sale is that I met the buyer on an RV forum in 2008 and we kinda stayed in touch with each other.

While we are in Florida we will be looking at buying a small home, a travel trailer and a pick-up truck (yah hoo!) to pull the trailer.  Then we'll be back to travelling during those months when it doesn't snow.

It's been a great experience.

I might blog occasionally, so stay tuned. 


  1. What do you mean, might blog occasionally? We want to hear what's going on in your world. Doesn't matter if it's not in an RV. Had to laugh when I read your yah hoo! That's how my hubby felt when we moved from the motorhome to the fifth wheel.

  2. Thanks for the update, George! I sincerely hope that Moose's new owners are as conscientious as and appreciate Moose as much as you and Sandy did. I'm sure Moose will miss you, but I'm sure you are anxious to start new adventures along the path of life. See you soon! Judy

  3. We'll take care of Moose - rest assured :) It was great to meet George & Sandy and we wish them well on their next adventure!
    Steve & Kathy B.
    New Owners of Moose.

  4. hope you're not living on the street while you search for your 'next adventure mode of transportation' we'll miss your wonderful descriptive postings of your travels - hopefully you'll post again when on the road. Any chance you 'published' your blog to date? would be a great book read. as ever - we'll remember our time at Parker AZ as we all kept an eye open for your unwanted passenger in the basement. And of course there was Sandi's scones...yumm. did the 'rock' go with Moose?.

  5. Wow! When you said you were taking a little break from blogging, little did we know it would result in this turn around. I hope we still hear from the two of you! :)

  6. I suppose change is part of life. I know we had our plans all mapped out and then "change" happened. You know the old plans, God laughs.
    We wish you well on finding the perfect place in Florida and then moving on to your "part-time" rig.
    We did much of the same thing. We purchased a small house (cottage style) and will be purchasing a small RV...perhaps Roadtrek etc. in the near future. We will part-time from our house.
    Good luck and hope you continue to blog!!

  7. I agree with everyone else. don't stop blogging we want to hear about your new adventures too!