Friday, July 1, 2011

Old Port Portland, Eating with the Locals and RVing 101

July1 - From Scarborough, Maine
A couple of tent campers here at Wild Duck Campground mentioned that the “Old Port” section of Portland was really neat.  We decided to go take a look today.
Portland is less than 10 miles from Wild Duck so it was an easy trip.  It’s an old city having its first permanent settlers in 1633 and many old buildings dating to the 1700 and 1800s.  Some neat looking places, lots of cobblestone streets , pretty much something for everyone.  And it is considered a foodies paradise.
portland 007
portland 015
portland 008
Going up and down the hills gave us an appetite.  We spotted a place with a line out the door named Portland Lobster Company and thought about going there.  However, having done a LOT of business traveling, I‘ve had some great luck with stopping people on the street and asking where they like to dine.  I saw two lades taking a shortcut between buildings and asked  if they were residents and where they like to have lunch?
portland 010
As luck would have it we just happened to be in front of J’s Oyster.  It’s where locals go and the ladies told us the the lobster rolls were outstanding. They were right and the clam chowder was also superb.portland 012
The restaurant is situated at the end of a channel.  The boat in back of me on the left is called Barrister.  And the owners law firm is on the dock’s edge.  Not bad.

portland 016
portland 017
portland 021
On the map that we see lots of tourists reading I spotted a place called Gorgeous Gelato.  We’ll we just had to go there. 
It was delicious.
When we got back home I had to do a few routine tasks that included changing the under-the-sink Everpure water filter that gives us great water for drinking and making coffee.  I also put in a new whole “house” water filter that traps any sediment and a variety of things you don’t want in your water.
portland 022
Then there was the successful conclusion to having the Honda tested to meet the Illinois EPA standards without driving the CR-V more than a thousand miles to get the testing done.  Lucky for us, Illinois and Maine have reciprocity for automobile emissions testing.  Several weeks ago I took our car to the Honda dealer in Portland where for $24.95 I was given a two page print out that we faxed to Illinois and viola! we could then complete the renewal process.  That and $99 got us the little yellow sticker for the corner of our plates.  The sticker arrived today.  We were only one day late in getting it applied.  Whew!
Also from the campground is this picture of momma duck and her nine babies.  They make me smile every time I see them.
Stay tuned.


  1. love this ~ what a great town. Cobblestone streets, charming historical buildings. I would love this place. How clever to follow the locals to THEIR favorite restaurants. I admire you for living the dream ~ warts and all. You have amazing experiences. The places you see, not as a tourist ~ but with the opportunity to appreciate these quaint places at leisure. jealous.

  2. Good info, hope we can use it when we get there in a month or so:)

  3. Beautiful old buildings. I, too, love to ask the locals where they like to eat. We've had some fantastic food that way. The ducklings are so cute.

  4. What a great trip into Portland! A little city with much the old buildings and that cobblestone street!! Mike and I love history so this would be a perfect visit for us!!
    Glad you found a "local" place to eat. They are the best!!

  5. So, what's inside a lobster roll besides lobster?

  6. Mmmmm, lobster rolls, my mouth is watering just thinking about them. Looks like a great day in Old Portland. :)