Friday, November 12, 2010

Wappapello Lake in Southeast Missouri

We are at the Army Corp of Engineers People’s Creek Recreation Area on Wappapello Lake in Wappapello,MO.   Our campground is quite small with spaces for only 18 RVs.   When we arrived yesterday the site we had reserved on line was too sloped, too tight and too darn difficult to attempt to back into.  Fortunately, a really easy back-in site nearby had not been reserved.  We were able to take it.  Whew!  For our RVing readers: $10 a night with 50 amp full hook ups. 

We have a lake view.
The only road out is really steep and takes a sharp turn at the bottom.  It will be an exciting exit on Tuesday.
I liked the patterns in the water at sunset.
And I liked the sunset.
There is nothing around us.  This is a boating, fishing and hunting area.  But it is quiet and beautiful.  Suits us just fine.

Stay tuned


  1. Looks great, good luck on getting out on that turn.

  2. The park may be small, but it sure had a pretty sunrise/sunset. Hope you can make it past the bad turn.

  3. So what's the number of the good site? C'mon, George, we'd tell YOU. I think. :)

  4. But site #41 is not reservable. Just don't pick #40, it was one of the only lousy ones in the park. (Of course).