Monday, September 20, 2010

From Jackson Hole, WY to Manila, UT

What a great early autumn day we had for a 255 mile drive.  Generally speaking we average about 50 miles in an hour.  We never push the speed limit.  Not only is that dangerous, but the old MPG rate suffers when we exceed 62 MPH -- so that is where we set our cruise control.

The driving was mountainous and hilly with a few plains scattered along the way.  The roads out here are under used, and we often drove for 10 minutes or more without seeing another vehicle.  We like that. Once we got set up in the little KOA park here in Manila, Utah we took a drive over to Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area that stretches from northern Utah all the way up to central Wyoming.

We saw some majestic vistas and captured a few to share.  I like the deep blues of the water against the red sandstone.

Do you think this is a stone cabin or a natural formation?
A few Aspens in golden splendor were on display

From about 7500 feet elevation.

Stay tuned


  1. Note to Judy:

    We are returning to Illinois for Christmas with family and on Dec. 26 we will get out of Dodge, head to Tennessee to pick up our motorhome and then head to Florida like good little snow birds.