Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A photographic smorgasbord

Last weekend we drove to nearby Trout Creek for their annual Huckleberry Festival.  It was a pretty big event with music, food, a parade, antique cars and lots of booths.  Here are a few photos.
This little girl liked the huckleberry ice cream.
I've never seen this before
1938 Lincoln
V12 power plant
Nice interior
1916 Hupmobile
1926 Ford truck.  Dog is optional.
Too clever not to include

Today we took a drive to Ross Creek to see a grove of ancient cedars, the oldest of which are estimated to be 500 years old.  We stopped en route to buy a sandwich to enjoy in the grove.
 It is really difficult to capture the size of these big trees.  They were not as big as the sequoias in Yosemite, but they were impressive.
 My co-pilot sneaked into this photo
Devil's Club adds a colorful accent
 Some river beds are really beautiful

From the cedar grove at Ross Creek we drove up to see the Kootenai Falls and a swing bridge over the Kootenai River.
This sign warns of the more than 12 deaths in the river.  By this time, the bridge was looking less attractive.  But I decided to walk it anyway. 
 There were a few loose boards, but all in all not bad.
 A portion of the trail alongside the Kootenai River.
 The Kootenai Falls are not dramatic, but they are very soothing to watch and hear.


  1. GEORGE: Your blog, and especially your photo-journalistic skills greet me with joy at each posting. . . thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to the upbeat, the quirky and, oh yes. . . the beautiful each time I receive your e-message. I truly hope that we are able to get together either at Nick's rally or the Escapade in the next couple of weeks. We're headed north right now and should arrive in the Elkhart Campground sometime tomorrow. As always, Orv

  2. looks like you found a gem of trail there in Montana...

  3. By the way, as a side note, I "chickened" out of the swinging bridge. Once I heard the boards creak, my mind kept saying "are you kidding me, I am not doing this!" And I didn't. The view from the end of the bridge was just fine.

    "the cowardly co-pilot"

  4. Those are huge trees!! After reading that sign I would have crawled across that bridge. LOL
    Thanks for sharing...great pics!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)