Wednesday, September 23, 2009


From Table Rock Lake at the COE Campground
Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Each time we turn off the main road onto the smaller road leading to our campground we pass a small white house with rag rugs hanging on the fence.  Yesterday we noticed that the sign also said Hand Made Soaps.
Today we stopped and went in.  Very nice lady (yes, she has all of her teeth and her home was spotless) greeted us.  She makes everything by had in her home.  Sandy loved the soaps and bought 6 bars. 

I asked the lady if she could recommend a place for lunch.  She suggested Cedar Lodge about 4 miles down the road.   We followed her suggestion.  Huge complex of scattered single family cabins and smaller lodges.  Very, very upscale and expensive homes with mountain views and streams everywhere.  The restaurant we went to is inside the original lodge built nearly 80 years ago by a wealthy businessman.  I took a few photos outside because outdoor pictures are more pleasing than snapshots of buildings.

Then we went to see our third and final show in Branson.  The featured entertainer is Socchi Tabucci.  We left at intermission.  Not only was it poorly done (like looking at Japanese version of the Lawrence Welk Show), but a lady in back of us thought we came to hear her sing.

Tomorrow we leave for a one day stay at DeGray Lake at a CE campground in Arkansas. Then on to Wright Patman Dam in Texas for three days.

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